Electrothermal afterburner for Cafemino® Electric

Electrothermal afterburner is the latest innovation and complete solution to roast with Cafemino® Electric without any venting; anywhere, anytime.

Great advantages of electrothermal afterburner are:

  • No need for venting
  • No permits or contractors are needed
  • Very low installation cost
  • No construction work required
  • No smoke emitted
  • Power consumption is lower than classic afterburners
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Can be connected to previous models of Cafemino® Electric
coffee roasting machine electrothermal afterburner, blueprint


  1. Secondary Pipes carry products of combustion (smoke, micro particles, exhaust gasses, etc.) from Cafemino® to electrothermal afterburner.
  2. Main Power Button is the main power switch of the unit
  3. Emergency Button shuts down the equipment in the case of an emergency
  4. Control Panel is equipped with start and stop switches, an a digital temperature controller controlling the afterburner’s heater operation
  5. Electrothermal Resevoir is the chamber where unwanted products of combustion are collected and conditioned
  6. Conditioned and completely clean air runs out from the Clean Air Outlet
  7. Control Panel Fan cools down the electrical circuit elements of the control panel
  8. Heavy Duty Rolling Cart is equipped with safety brackets to secure the whole unit while transferring in the facility.

Standard features

  • Secondary pipes run exhaust gasses, smoke and other micro particles directly from the top of the chaff collector cyclone to electrothermal afterburner
  • All the combustion products are conditioned in the afterburner by electrothermal method
  • Cafemino® Electric can be run indoors without any venting equipmentif equipped with electrothermal afterburner
  • Special brackets fix Cafemino® roaster on top of the electrothermal unit for completely secure and vibration-free operation
  • Electrothermal afterburner is very easy to operate and clean